Kenya Intelligence Preempts Major Terror Attack on The Nakumat Junction MallTuesday

Kenya has successfully preempted a major terror attack on Tuesday, the same day when terrorists were about to conduct a major terror attack in the Nakummat Junction mall in the capital Nairobi.

Intelligence gathered by Strategic Intelligence confirm the arrest of two suspects in Gong town, an outskirt of the capital Nairobi.

The two were arrested with a map and bullets whose size fits an AK-47 assault riffle.

The two men had already made contactto a cell in Eastleigh where they were to get the ammunation and the guns.

This is the most successful intelligence based anti-terror operation so far under the new chief of intelligence Major Phillip Wachira Kameru.

Kenya is still on high alert following threats by Somali based Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Terrorists conducted a dry run at the mall early this year when police found ammunation crates in the basement parking of the mall.

Strategic Intelligence warned that the terrorists planned to attack the mall based on that event which forms the main part of terror attack planning cycle.


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