Kenya Government Counter-Terrorism Measures Against Al Shabaab Islamists

Al Shabaab is a jihadist terrorist group based in Somalia with its allegiance to the international Islamist outfit Al Qaeda. It draws membership from youths between 14 and 45 years of age both Somalia natives and foreigners.

It has posed major threat and attacks to the East African region especially Kenya and Somalia.

The Kenyan government has initiated measures to combat the imminent threat in her bid to preempt, foil and counter any would be attacks on her citizenry.

Kenyan Humvee on Patrol with Special Forces
Kenyan Humvee on Patrol with Special Forces

Counter-Terrorism Measures Against Al Shabaab Islamists

  • Anti-Terror Police Unit deployment to the northern region especially because of the proximity to Somalia. This is supplemented by increased deployment of security officers in other areas prone to attacks by the militias.
  • Porous Somali-Kenya has prompted the construction of a perimeter security wall that will separate the two countries and lock out the jihadists out of Kenya
  • Defence budgetary allocations have been increased to help equip the security agencies in the intensified war against terrorism.
  • Kenya’s public has been urged to emulate the collective security policy locally referred to as ‘Nyumba Kumi initiative’ that enables them to know their neighbor and report any suspicious neighbors and or activities.
  • Border patrols have been intensified not only along Kenya-Somalia border but also on all exit points reducing the number of illegals getting in the country.
  • Kenya Security agencies have incorporated utmost coordination among them in a bid to preempt and counter attacks beforehand.
  • Proposed pre-university basic military training re-introduction to instill Kenyans with basic defense tactics in case of an attack.
  • Muslim clerics have come up with programs that teach constructive Islam and foil extremist ideologies among the Muslim youths in the country.
  • Asset freeze of Al Shabaab sympathizers and financiers and Hawalas closure that launder money for the jihadists decapitating their finances.
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Closure of Hawalas that launder money to the Terror Groups
Closure of Hawalas that launder money to the Terror Groups

The government of Kenya is devoted in shunning off Al Shabaab and the threat the insurgents pose against her. Measures herein together with the Kenya Defence Forces presence in Somalia are progressive moves towards completely eradicating the Islamists and securing Kenya.

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