Kenya Defense Forces to Leave Kismayu AMISOM Command to Deploy Djibouti, Sierra Leone Troops

Somalia has sought the withdrawal of Kenya Defense Forces from the port city of Kismayu and the deployment of Djibouti soldiers there.

Intelligence sources confirm that AMISOM command in Mogadishu approved the proposal.

Somalia government does not want the Kenyan soldiers in its territory for a myriad of reasons including the installation of the Jubaland administration which is presided over by warlord Ahmed Madobe, an ally of the KDF.

Somalia claims that Kenya army is partisan in Kismayu. That Kenya is influencing the politics and administration of the Shabelled and Juba regions of Somalia.

Mogadishu also views Kenya as intent on curving a semi-autonomous region which could lead to the annexing of the oil rich coasts of Somalia that are near Kenya.

Djibouti soldiers will join Sierra Leone soldiers who have been struggling to learn the geography of the area and to adapt to increasing insurgency.

Military and intelligence analysts view the removal of Kenya army from Kismayu will allow the entry of politicians sympathetic to Al-Shabaab back to Kismayu.

They also fear that any attempt to attack forces loyal to Ahmed Madobe’s militia ‘Ras-Kamboni’ will reignite a war in Southern Somalia.




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