Kenya Defence Forces Warplanes Intensify Airstrikes, Repulse Al Shabaab Militants from Strategic Baardhere Town

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  • From 16th July 2015, Kenya Defence Forces has been on the offensive against the Somali based jihadist group, the Al Shabaab.
  • Reports coming from Somalia’s Gedo region confirm that Kenyan warplanes have carried out successful airstrikes in a village in Gedo region, repulsing the Al Shabaab militants from their remaining stronghold of Baardhere town in south Somalia.
  • The forces determined to re-take and liberate Diinsoor and Baardhere towns where Al Shabaab has been controlling for many years.
  • Kenya Defence Forces which is a unit of the Africa Union Mission (AMISOM) in Somalia operates in Somalia southern region.


The Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, Al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia has suffered setbacks in recent days particularly in in south Somalia’s Gedo region where Kenya Defence troops continue to robustly neutralized the threat they pose.

In Baardhere town, heavily armed Al Shabaab militants have reportedly been fleeing as the forces advance to the town.

Kenyan warplanes have carried successful air bombardment in a village in Gedo region, another Kenyan fighter jets have also carried out strikes in Juungal a village that lies 35 kilometres to Baardhere, Al Shabaab held district in Gedo region.

Unconfirmed number of militants has died from the air bombardment.


Al Shabaab is being overwhelmed in countering the troops advancing in their strongholds forcing them to flee or withdraw from these regions.

Al Shabaab has suffered setbacks by losing this region. Gedo is a strategic area from which the Al Shabaab has been able to launch unmanned terror activities from time to time.

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It is in this region whereby Kenya Defence Forces (Army and Air force) have been able to conduct surgical operations eliminating mid-level Al Shabaab commanders.

In the coming days it’s likely the Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement will vacate completely from the town of Baardhere in south of Somalia where they have faced intensive military offensive from Kenya Defence forces and move to middle Juba region.

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