KDF Air Force Wing Continue With Aerial Bombardment in Gedo Region, Somalia

Kenya Aiforce MD 500MILITARY BRIEF

Garbahaarrey: Recent Military briefs from Somalia report on heavy bombardments in the ongoing aerial campaigns in the wake El Adde KDF camp in Gedo region.

Reports indicate that military warplanes from Kenya once again have carried out successful airstrikes in the area under a provincial town in western Somalia aimed at annihilating Al Shabaab militants.

Among the areas that have encountered heavy bombardments include Laheley, Baciidka Kurtun-dhoole, Jiirguduudo and Ceelgaduud that all together under the Gedo region.

Kenya has vowed to smoke out Al-Shabaab from their hideouts to their last element. A local resident in one traditional town in Gedo talking to a local radio station confirmed that Gedo region is under heavy bombardment from KDF.

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