Joint Offensive; Russia, UK and US Troops Arrive in Libya

British SAS Troops Deployed in Libya Bolster War Against Terrorism
British SAS Troops Deployed in Libya Bolster War Against Terrorism


25th January 2016, a joint U.S, UK and Russian war offensive is building up in Libya. This is the first such collaboration in many decades.

The joint offensive against militant organization is seen as an extension of their expanding military partnership in Syria.

Earlier in the month of January 2016, President Barack Obama resolved to open a third anti-terror force in Libya to combat and eradicate the Islamic State front’s that is gaining foothold in the country.

Standing by after this resolve was UK preparing the ground with some 1,000 British SAS troops to the Libya anti-ISIS mission.

Between Friday 22nd January 2016 and Sunday 24th January 2016,the first step in this campaign took place with dozens of Russia, British and American troops arriving in Libya in support for the internationally-recognized.

Reports on daily mail also say French troops are expected to arrive soon for the same purpose.

The landing area is located some 144 kilometers from Darnah, the main bastion of extremist Libyan groups linked to Al Qaeda or ISIL, of which the ultra-violent Ansar al Sharia is the most powerful.


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