Iraqi Army Backed By US-Led Coalition Forces Take Position To Recapture Key City Of Tal Afar From ISIS

Iraq’s Army in collaboration with the Shia Militia and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have surrounded the Iraqi city of Tal Afar in what is believed to be the final assault and recapture of the city under ISIL control. In recent weeks, the joint efforts by all parties have seen the strategic capture and ambushes of Daesh positions near and around the city which is expected to be liberated in the coming weeks.

The Iraqi troops with the backing of the US-led coalition have surrounded the area with the Shia Militia covering the South and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters the north. The forces are expected to defeat the over 2000 ISIL fighter holding the Tal Afar in a move that has been projected to weaken the ISIS presence in Iraq.

According to military intelligence on the ground, the recapture is expected to be easy as they have captured over a dozen positions that leaves the extremists at a significant disadvantage.

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