Kenya’s Government Committed to Providing Nuclear Power

The government of Kenya plans to provide Nuclear Power to its citizens by 2031. The current nuclear energy plan intends to provide an additional 4,000MW to the national power grid in order to supplement power generated from coal, geothermal and hydro power sources.

The government is currently training technicians as well as conducting feasibility studies and intensive research on the project. Joseph Njoroge, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, has advocated for Nuclear power due to its reliability and cost-efficiency. He also stated that the government is building its human capital in order to gain the expertise needed to setup and maintain the sophisticated nuclear power plants.

The Kenyan economy is steadily growing and in order to meet its future energy needs, the government must provide cheap and dependable power to run the industries as well as provide energy to individual homes.

The principal secretary has also confirmed that Kenya has uranium – albeit without specifying how much – but geological surveys have shown that Kwale County has deposits of uranium oxide. Likewise, Uranium deposits are also thought to exist in Kajiado County. Tanzania is known to possess large quantities of Uranium deposits, especially concentrated on the Mt.Kilimanjaro area. The proposed nuclear energy will cater for a fifth of Kenya’s total energy needs.

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