Galmuduug Forces Raid Al-Shabaab Militants, Dislodge them Out From Aad and Eel-Abdi Villages

galmudug-forcesOSINT SUMMARY

March 2, 2016, Galmuduug forces raid Al-Shabaab bases in the two villages, Aad and Eel-Abdi dislodging them from the two localities on Tuesday afternoon.

Al-Shabaab terrorist group was re-grouping in the area and they were believed to have been hatching a plot to attack residents from the two villages but security forces raided them.

According to Minister of Information, Orientation, Culture and Tourism of Galmuduug State of Somalia Mr. Mohamud Aden Osman (Mesagaway), the state forces attacked Al-Shabaab militants who were regrouping in the outskirts of the two villages.

The minister described the operation as a success saying the forces managed to kill several Al-Shabaab fighters while others fled with gun wounds towards Harardhere district. Osman said the forces will continue to hunt down the militants even after fleeing from the two localities until threat they pose is neutralized.

The minister took time to thank residents from the villages for their cooperation with security forces saying today’s intelligence came from people in the area.

Minister Mesagaway appealed to residents not to relent but to continue their support to security forces in order to bring peace and stability.

He also extended his appeal to religious leaders, traditional elders and all segments of the society to reach-out to youth in order to join the peace process and refrain from being wooed into the jihadists groups.

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