Critical Threats on Kenya National Security After Kenya-Born Al-Shabaab Top Commander Joins ISIS

Mohamed Gamadheere

Monday 7th December 2015, latest reports from Intelligence Services in Somalia have revealed that Al Shabaab Lower Juba Commander Mohamed Kuno Gamadheere alias Dulyadeen defected from Al Shabaab to pro-ISIS faction in the last week of November 2015.

Reports further reveals that Kuno was a close confidant of Sheikh Muumin who is now the self declared leader of ISIS brigade in Somalia.

Mohamed Kuno who is one of the most wanted terrorists is the terror architect behind Garissa University Massacre.

Kenya’s National Intelligence Service warns that Kuno who commands approximately 1,200 Al Shabaab fighters including Jaysh Ayman which hides in Boni Forest in Kenya and the Ras-Kamboni areas in Somalia may take up the role of ISIS leader in Kenya.

The Lower Juba commander now is likely to establish a working link with Sheikh Al-Somali a pro-ISIS radical preacher in Kenya.

Shifting of allegiance from the Al Qaeda branch in Somalia to Middle East affiliated jihadist group –ISIS means Kuno and his band of criminals poses a great threat to Kenya’s National Security.

Al Shabaab militant is now facing imminent rivalry within it faction citing Muumin pledged baya’h to ISIS alongside a group of other fighters.

Al Shabaab amniyaat wing is hunting Mohamed Kuno alongside other fighters who decamped Al Shabaab wing.

The Islamist jihadist group in the past few weeks executed more than five pro-ISIS commanders alongside a section of it fighters who shifted loyalty together with Sheikh Muumin in Somalia.

Kenya recently put a $215,000 bounty reward on any information that may lead to the capture of Mohamed Kuno Gamadheere alias Dulyadeen.

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