Confirmation: No UPDF Casualty in Somali’s Halane Military Base Attack

BlastUganda’s UPDF battling Al-Shabaab in Somalia through its public information officer Capt. Flavia Terimulungi has confirmed that there was no UPDF casualty in an attack targeting AMISOM’s Halane military base in Morgadishu.

On Tuesday morning terrorist linked to the Al-Shabaab attempted to breach into the AMISOM camp. Using Vehicle Borne Improvised Devices (VBIED) rammed at the entrance of the military base but the two attackers were terminated before getting further into the camp.

However, there were civilian casualties who were caught up in the blast.

AMISOM has described the attack “as another demonstration of Al-Shabaab’s brutality in its efforts to remain relevant and to destabilize Somalia, denying people a peaceful, prosperous future they deserve.”

The mission (AMISOM) has reiterated its commitments in cleaning out Al-Shabaab saying the al-Qaeda linked militant group would not succeed in destabilizing the horn of Africa nation (Somalia).

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