Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa Say Most Wanted Terror Suspects Killed in Mombasa

kudosNelson Marwa, Coast Regional Coordinator lauded police officers saying they have killed most if the wanted terror suspect in Mombasa.

On Tuesday 27th September 2016, detectives from the ant-terror unit killed another wanted terrorist Ismael Shosi who was linked to a series of attacks targeting security officers in Mombasa.

Marwa described the killing of Shosi is a gain towards totally eliminating the militant cell in Mombasa. He noted Shosi termination is a drawback for the terror group who heavily relied on his planning of attacks, radicalization, training of youths and recruiting them into the jihadist Islamist terrorist group, Al-Shabaab.

The slain Shosi was staying in a rented house with Fatuma Mohamed Musuo, the widow of another terrorist, Kassim Omollo. Omollo was terminated by police in 2013 in Mombasa.

Shosi’s brother, Ikrima Mohamed Shoshi who was a terrorist linked to the Al-Shabaab and involved in killing Hashim Omar, an officer of NIS was also killed by police.

In the recent past week, female terrorist who had attacked an officer at Central police station in Mombasa were also killed by police.

Marwa stressed that terrorist manhunt will continue the terror cells in the coastal region are completely destroyed.

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