Catherine Hurd Dies after Committing Suicide

Catherine Hurd the wife to a British diplomat based in the United States, Thomas Hurd died after committing suicide over the weekend.

Thomas Hurd, a highly reputed diplomat attached to the United Nations expressed shock and immense loss after his wife, 46-year old Catherine Hurd jumped from the roof of their New York life to her death.

Catherine died in an apparent suicide plunge from the roof of her New York City apartment building over unknown reasons, FBI told SIN.

The mother of 5 was described as happy and jovial woman who kept her demeanor to the required standards while ensuring motherhood was respected.

Catherine Hurd was wife to Thomas who is a member of the British Mission to the United Nations, an international body headed by Chinese Ban Kim Moon.

Thomas Hurd mission in the UN New York was set to end this month and the couple was set to return to Britain upon the end of the tenure.

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