Arwa Baghdadi, a Saudi Woman who Joined Al-Qaeda Killed in Yemen

The Saudi woman who fled to Yemen last year to join al-Qaeda has been killed in a US raid, open sources have reported.

Arwa Baghdadi was killed during the US military airstrikes on the Yemeni village Yacla, sources said, but did not reveal the fate of her two sons.

Baghdadi was killed a short distance away from where eight-year-old Nawar al-Awlaki was killed. Nawar was the daughter of a US-born Yemeni extremist preacher who was killed in a drone strike by the Obama administration.

Nizar stressed that he had no communication with his sister since she moved to Yemen, noting that his parents also lost contact with her due to the internet and network blackouts.

Baghdadi, 35 years old, had a bachelor’s degree in Islamic culture. Before leaving Saudi Arabia, Baghdadi was out on bail, awaiting trial on terrorism charges.

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