AMISOM Recommits To Training And Mentoring Somali Security Forces To Increase Capacity To Deal With Al Shabaab Ahead Of Exit

AMISOM has vowed and promised to intensify the training and mentoring of the Somalia Security Forces I preparation for when they assume responsibility in Somalia after the departure of the peacekeeping forces. Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia Simon Mulongo said the plan is aimed at building the capacity of the SPF to internationally acceptable standards.

According to AMISOM, 2018 will include intensified training, recruitment and forming the officer core that will see the police leap from the current stage to a higher one. AMISOM is doing all that as it prepares to relinquish the security of the key towns to Somali Forces through a conditions-based transition plan, to allow them to take the lead responsibility as part of the planned exit.

The commitment is expected to strengthen the position of Somali forces to take over the very delicate domestic security threatened by Al Shabaab presence. While analysts think the AMISOM withdrawal as premature but the African troops have embarked on a mission that ensures that the Somali Forces are well equipped to avoid redoing the progress achieved by AMISOM in the past few years.

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