Al-Shabab Worrying Kenya Security Machinery

Somalia Instability is fueling security concerns in Kenya, NSIS has warned.

The Kenyan security apparatus has informed partners of need for military intervention in Somalia.

Through the UN, Kenya has warned that it faces serious security problems if Somalia Al-Shabab is not tamed.

The president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki mentioned the same to the UN General Secretary, Ban Kim Moon.

The president mentioned maritime trade and regional trade and peace as threatened by Somalia.

The president was indirectly challenging the West to be actively engaged in solving conflicts such as Somalia rather than Kenyan political problems.

Al-Shabab militants have shot Kenyan army officers in March as they attempted to cross to Mandera.

The Kenya-Somalia border is porous and police and army officer patrol the border.

Three terrorists have been arrested as the country remains on high alert, wary of Al-Shabab threats of an attack

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