Al Shabaab’s Foreign Fighters Living In Fear, Seeking To Defect For Fear Of Being Beheaded On Suspicion Of Being Spies Thus Widening The Rift In The Terror Organization

Foreign fighters serving in the Al Shabaab in Somalia are living in fear and anxiety after the indiscriminate killings of some of their peers on unfounded claims that they are spies for their nations. The commanders have been ordering public beheadings of anybody especially foreign fighters on the mere speculation of disloyalty to the call.

The fear has been further fueled by the fact that the al Shabaab has been experiencing rifts brought by one arm trying to garner support to shifts the group’s allegiance from al Qaeda to ISIS.

The long-running mistrust of foreign fighters by the local in Somalia is reported to have led to the emergence of factions within the terror organization whose fortunes have continued to dwindle. The existence of these factions is causing friction and animosity among members with Kenyan and foreign fighters bearing the brunt of it all.

Supporters of one faction linked to the Islamic State led by Ahmed Gurey (head of foreign fighters who is an American with a bounty of Sh5 million on his head) are angling towards ISIS as a source of funding. The financial future of the group is bleak seeing as their primary source of income from the sale of charcoal has been decapitated.


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