Al-Shabaab Executing Kenyan Own Fighters over Spying Suspicion

Kenyan jihadists fighting for Al-Shabaab are being executed by the militant group over claims that they are providing leak intelligence to the security agents on their operations.

A number of Kenyan jihadist in Al-Shabaab ranks have been killed by the militants’ firing squad on suspicion of not loyal to the group.

For example, Last year November, five own jihadists in in Somalia’s Tieglow town who included two Kenyan fighters were executed for allegedly cooperating with security agents.

Mostly these executions of Kenyan fellow fighters are authorized by one, Ahmed Iman, a former Jomo Kenyatta University student. He is in-charge of terror group’s prosecutions and executions of his fellow Kenyan fighters mostly recruited by him.

 At least three Kenyan fighters have been executed since the Kulbiyow attack in January this year because of the increased belief that Kenyan fighters are spies working for both the Somali and Kenyan governments.

This recent Al-Shabaab paranoia of executing own jihadists has extended to local clans like the Galjeel in the forested Kudey and Ras Kamboni.

Youth from this community have been kidnapped and recruited into the terror group and some local leaders killed by the militant groups on claims of collaborating with AMISOM.


Foreign Fighters at Risk

Foreign fighters in Al-Shabaab’s ranks have not been spared in the purge because command positions are a preserve of the locals.

Kenyans from North Eastern and those who offer financial support have been appointed to mid-level command positions.

 Al-Shabaab has small group of foreign fighters including about 40 Americans and hundreds of Kenyans, but the terror group is now on them as it wages a brutal campaign to rid itself of perceived spies in its midst.

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The Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab has also set up a network of secret prisons in which they hold, on charges of spying, a number of US, British and Kenyan citizens who joined the group and subsequently executions.

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