Al-Shabaab Attack SNA-KDF-AMISOM Base in El-Adde, Gedo, Somalia


  1. Suicide Bomber detonated an SVBIED at AMISOM camp main entrance
  2. SNA Troops mobilize and command orders tactical withdrawal to Dahmasse area 
  3. KDF Troops scramble 50-Air Cavarly, machine gunners and snipers and launch a Military Operations in theater
  4. 30 Militants killed in initial “repelling enemy operation by KDF gunners” inside AMISOM Camp compound many others seriously wounded

Over 30 Al-Shabaab terror group fighters are so far dead after they breached an Somali National Army camp and attempted to attack a KDF-AMISOM Contingent encampment outside El-Adde town in Gedo Somalia.

200 Heavily armd terrorists attacked the SNA side of the AMISOM militarized zone using a Suicide bound vehicular improvised explosive device (SVBIED) and machine gunfire forcing the SNA to withdrawal from their positions and tactically pull back to Dahmasse area outside El-Adde.


The Kenya Defense Forces AMISOM contingent activated their gunners, mobile artillery, air assets, and sniper units and launched a counter strike targeting the Somalia based terrorists Al-Shabaab.

Initial battle damage assessments show 30 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed immediately the Kenya Army deployed and activated its war machine.

The army has dislodged the terrorists from tactically advantageous positions. The air cavalry is conducting mop-up operations to push the terrorists out of the area and stop their logistics team from moving any weapons captured from the SNA camp.

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