Afghan Special Forces Retake Kunduz and Kill 150 Taliban Militants

Afghan Special ForcesThursday 1st October 2015 in a statement released by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense, at least 150 Taliban militants were killed in battle that saw Afghan Special Forces retake the northern Kunduz province’s capital city.

In addition the fierce military operations left 90 other militants with serious gun wounds. According to the statement, there were no civilian casualties in the operation. Kunduz is located 250 kilometers north of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.

Afghan officials say 150 Taliban militants have been killed and dozens of others wounded in an operation aimed at retaking northern Kunduz Province’s capital city.

The Special Forces recaptured the city from Taliban militants who on September 28 had seized Kunduz taking over government buildings, a hospital, and also releasing some 600 prisoners at a detention center who included Taliban commanders.

Recapturing of the strategic city was a significant win for Afghan troops as Kunduz on a crossroads that connects some key regions of the country. The city has been witnessing frequent battles between security forces and militants since April.

Afghanistan has been faced by gruesome violence for the last 14 years since US and allies stepped-in with offensives on war against terrorist organizations.

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