Afghan Soldiers Kill 135 Militants Affiliated to Islamic State (IS)

Elite Army unit at Fort Meade searching for ways to fight ISISOSINT SUMMARY

Afghan army officials confirmed that their security forces have killed more than 135 Islamic State (IS) militants.

According to the officials, those killed in military raid included top IS commanders.

The raid which consisted of ground and air also saw several other militants wounded near Afghan’s border with Pakistan.

The military operations in Nangarhar province’s Kot district subsided on Sunday, but search and clearing operations are still ongoing.

According to Provincial Governor Salim Kunduzi, briefing media/reporters in Jalalabad, the regional capital, the clashes in Kot erupted late Thursday when about 600 heavily armed men linked to Daesh staged coordinated attacks on security outposts in the area.

The fighting has forced civilians to flee to safer areas, and more and more families are still moving away from the conflict zone, corresponding reports by witnesses indicates.

U.S. continues to be a major player in the anti-ISIS campaigns in Afghanistan.

The U.S. military spokesman in Kabul, Brigadier General Charles Cleveland said U.S. counterterrorism mission is meant to help Afghan partners prevent IS from increasing its influence in the country.


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