7 Al-Shabaab Militants Killed in Fighting in Central Somalia

dagaal-beeleed-390x250-696x446At least seven Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab have reportedly been killed and dozens injured in a heavy fighting between Al-Shabaab militants and local fighters in Mudug region of central Somalia.

Heavy fighting broke out after Al-Shabaab attacked local fighters stationed at Dumaye village, about 50 kilometers away from the seaside city of Harardhere in Mudug region.

A senior Al-Shabaab middle level commander named Abdullah Salad was among those killed in the battle near Harardhere. Harardhere is a former bastion for pirates and now harbours Al-Shabaab militants.

Media sources reported that the fighting broke out when local residents in Dumaye rural area took arms against fight Al-Shabaab over  forcibly Zakah collection. Zakah is an Islamic levy on wealth.


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