3 Terrorist Suspects Detained over Links with Botched Mombasa Police Station Attack

Three terrorist suspects were on Tuesday 13th September 2016 charged with harbouring women terrorists involved in the botched Mombasa police station attack.

The three women identified as Naima Mohammed, Saida Ali and Shukuri Ali failed to take plea at a court in Mombasa as they had difficulty in communication and are of Somali origin.

According to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutor (DPP), a Somali translator and a sign interpreter were need citing one of the suspect was a deaf.

The Mombasa resident magistrate ordered the suspects to be detained at a police station until Wednesday 14th September 2016.

The three terrorists are linked to the slain women terrorists Tasnim Yakub Abdulahi Farah, Fatuma Omar and another yet to be identified female terror suspect behind the botched attempted attack on Mombasa Central police station on Sunday.

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