3 Confessed ISIS Conspirators Sentenced to 10 and 15 Years in Prison

isisThe case for second batch of Somali-American arrested for providing material support and recruitment for Syria’s ISIS was heard Tuesday with Judge Michael Davis giving different sentences.

 Adnan Farah, 20 confessed to possess jihadist literature books and videos about jihad calling on the Judge to have mercy on him.

Upon cross-examination, it was possible that Farah was influenced by his older brother Mohamed Farah who’ll be sentenced Wednesday.

Judge Davis noted that Adnan Farah, unlike his brother, had pleaded guilty. He handed him 10 years in prison.

Hanad Musse, 21, also sentenced to 10 years, had pleaded guilty to trying to fly out of the United States to join the terror group in Syria.

Musse apologized for lying to his family, the government and the community, but added: "I told myself the biggest lie. I deceived myself to think I was doing good."

Musse regretted for his actions saying he was only 18-year old and wasn’t thinking straight.

In the final exchange before sentencing, the judge asked Musse: "Sir, are you a terrorist or not?" "I am a terrorist, your honor," Musse replied.

Hamza Ahmed, 21 pleaded guilty for conspiring with a terrorist’s organization based in Syria and for offering financial support.

Ahmed thanked the authorities who stopped him from joining ISIS in Syria. In 2014, Ahmed and Musse were arrested by Federal Agents as they tried to catch a plane from New York.

Judge Davis pressed Ahmed to be frank about what he'd been trying to do. "You were involved in being a warrior for ISIS," "and it would be fair to say you were a terrorist."

"Yes, I was a terrorist," Ahmed said.

Ahmed was handed 15 years in prison.


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