14 Daesh Takfiri Militants Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

14 ISIS militants killed in Afghan Air Force raids in Nangarhar
14 ISIS militants killed in Afghan Air Force raids in Nangarhar
14 ISIS militants killed in Afghan Air Force raids in Nangarhar Eastern Afghanistan


2nd January 2016, Afghan air force strikes have pounded on terrorists’ hideouts killing at least 14 Daesh militants in the restive Achin district of Nangarhar.

During the aerial raids another 12 militants were also wounded and numerous weapons, ammunition and explosives were destroyed according to a military statement.

The troubled Nangarhar has been witnessing a surge in the presence of Daesh militancy in recent months.

The Middle East based jihadist operating primarily in Syria and Iraq is extending its tentacles to Libya, Egypt and terrorist surged Horn of Africa nation, Somalia.

Daesh or the Islamic State terrorists group is reportedly is massively recruiting fighters in Afghanistan over past few months.

The jihadist group is aiming at establishing sanctuaries in areas traditionally seen as the strongholds of Taliban militants though it is facing rivalry from Taliban.

In June 2015, Taliban warned Islamic State emir and self-proclaimed caliph, Ibrahim al-Samarrai, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, against waging a parallel insurgency in Afghanistan

Taliban militant group asked the Islamic State leader to keep his men out of Afghanistan which they considered their territory.

Afghanistan has been the scene of violence since entry of US and its allies in 2001 on war on terror, which also saw the removal of the Taliban from power.

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