Tullow Oil Constructing Facility In Turkana To Purify Crude Oil Scheduled For  Early Exportation in 2018

British Oil company Tullow exploring oil in Kenya has begun an intensive set up of equipment in Turkana oilfield. The latest setup will facilitate the separation of crude oils from impurities in readiness for the much-anticipated early export within the course of the year.

The company will pipe oil from its wells across the fields to the early production facility, which will separate crude oil from other fluids like water and gas that are pumped out together.

The temporary facility, located at Amosing well, will be in use for two years, a period during which road trucks will transport 2,000 barrels of the black gold daily to Mombasa port for early exports.

The temporary facility is expected to function as an alternative to the Turkana-Lamu pipeline is not completed after which a permanent central processing facility that is projected to process up to 80,000 barrels a day is constructed.

The explorer initially struck oil in Turkana’s Lokichar basin in northwest Kenya in 2012 and has since followed it up with a string of other finds, putting the country on the path to becoming an oil producer.

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