Russia –US Ukraine Standoff, Russia Flexing Geopolitical Power

In a photo picked from an unknown cartoonist, the US has been kicked out of Ukraine by Russia in what seems as a renewed effort to control European Geopolitik.

The US so far has sought a diplomatic stance, operating from the sidelines as it seeks to keep it’s footprint in Ukraine.

Russia kicks US

The deployment of troop in Crimea Ukraine was itself bold and brute, it scoffed the United States power to influence let alone make strategic moves against Russia’s growing influence.

Washington has rallied European Union members, threatening sanctions to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

Vladmir Putin knows he has won all rounds of the game, he will influence the elections, and even pull out of Crimea citing ‘not necessary at the moment’

No sanctions will come through, nor will any military menace deter Moscow from remaining hostile to the new Ukrainians regime.

US waning influence in geopolitics is evident in various conflicts such as Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

These intervention strategies whose objectives is a stay of American political interests is hedging into nothing with the

outcomes further exposing Washington’s underhand.

Russia now will throw its diplomatic card, demonizing the new Kiev government and orchestrating events that will keep Kiev on its toes.

Moscow is not only considering ensuring the Crimea referendum is positive, but that autonomy of Crimea is achieved while a grip on Kiev remains strong enough to continue shaping the political and economic future of Ukraine.

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