Kenyan Airstrike Kills 32 Al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia

kaf Som

32 Somali terror group members were killed and dozens others badly wounded after a Kenya air force jet bombed their base Tuesday.

A fighter jet, pounded Bardera in Gedo with bombs destroying the base and destroying vehicles used by the militants.

Strategic Intelligence resources in Somalia confirm that the jet struck Bardera in Gedo, a region in southwestern Somalia.

The region is controlled by the militants who often deploy and attack AMISOM troops.

Military trucks used to deploy militants were destroyed in the airstrike.

Arms and the facilities used by the militants were bombed.

32 militants in the base were killed while more than 12 others were badly wounded.

Kenya military operates in Somalia under AMISOM, but often carries out attacks on militants bases as a defense measure against aggression.


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