Uganda Police Arrests Man in $120 million Fake Arms Deal

haulUganda on Tuesday confirmed to have arrested a man suspected to be swindling a Polish weapons manufacturer.

The man identified as Sam Ssimbwa had presented himself to the company in guise, pretending to be an agent for Uganda’s Defence ministry, a police spokesman said.

Ssimbwa signed a fake arms deal of $120 million (about Shs428, 303,994,000) with Polish Weapons Company.

The suspect, Ssimbwa was taken into custody on Thursday last week. Initial investigation report indicate that Ssimbwa and unnamed co-conspirators had already pocketed euros 520,000 (about Shs2 billion)"as part payment for consultancy fees regarding the transaction.

Ssimbwa and his associates were contracted by BMP to secure a deal to supply Kampala with military weaponry including 375 tanks, 46 reconnaissance Ferret and Eland armoured cars and various artillery.

Investigation continues with investigators asking BMP Poland to provide police with evidence regarding the weapons fraud.

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