U.S. President, Barack Obama Asserts U.S.-led Coalition Will Wipe Out Islamic State

Barack Obama Tells Fearful America ISIS Will Be Defeated
Barack Obama Tells Fearful America ISIS Will Be Defeated
Barack Obama Tells Fearful America ISIS Will Be Defeated


Monday 14th December 2015, United States President Barack Obama while addressing Americans said he is confident that the U.S.-led coalition will wipe out the Islamic State Takfiris.

The president asserted that the Islamic State is losing ground and that the allied forces will prevail in the battle against the Daesh/ Islamic State.

The president claimed that Daesh/ Islamic State leaders have nowhere to hide as the coalition forces are narrowing down on them.

President Obama’s address aimed to reassure the Americans of their security in the latest wake of San Bernardino, California massacre orchestrated by a married couple linked the Islamic State.

Islamic State also had a hand in bloody killings in multiple attacks in Paris late November.

Obama in a strong statement warned the militant’s leaders that they are ‘next’ amid his national security team latest efforts to counter the Islamic State.

In addition U.S. to remain committed in working to disrupt the group’s recruitment drives of fighters, breaking finance operations and propaganda campaigns.

The president touched on the war in Syria citing that the coalition partners will do everything possible to make sure the civil war and militancy in Syria comes to an end.

The president’s tough talk comes after the Paris and San Bernardino attacks with questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the Obama administration’s strategy to degrade and destroy the Islamic State.

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More clueless propaganda from Obama. Qaid’at al Jihad is on its heels and the legitimate Afghan Taliban government has been contained (*chortle*). The far-ultra-radically moderate Caliphate is doing just fine.