Turkish Forces Hit & Destroy 98 ISIL Targets in Northern Syria

isisTurkish army in Operation Euphrates Shield that was launched on August 24 continues to register successes against the Islamic State terrorists.

In the ongoing operation, on Monday 10th October 2016, Turkish military sources confirmed that their army hit at least 91 ISIL targets in northern Syria.

On Tuesday 11th October 2016, the military statement further confirmed of the struck ISIL targets by Turkish Firtina (storm) howitzer and tank fire, rockets and mortars.

The statement also noted that Turkish F-s6 jets conducted air assaults destroying seven other ISIL targets in the region.

Operation Euphrates Shield which was launched on August 24, is aimed at bolstering border security, supporting coalition forces, and eliminating the threat posed by extremist organizations, especially ISIL.

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