The US Lifts All-Inclusive Travel Advisory To Kenya Echoing Increased Security And Stability

The US State Department has announced that it is scrapping the travel warning advisories for specific countries and instead launch a 4-level program. Kenya has been placed in the second tier under the revised new system which the US citizens are advised to exercise increased caution while traveling which is a reprieve from the holistic travel advisory.

The new system has cleared some of the ambiguous statements that did offer a clear outline of areas to avoid. For instance, in Kenya, the advisory suggests that Kenya is relatively safe and the major threat is mainly at the Kenya-Somali border due to the Shabaab terrorist possible presence and crossover from Somalia into Kenya.

Somalia and South Sudan are among 11 countries worldwide placed in the level-four category which is headed “Do Not Travel.” Tanzania is ranked as to have a higher risk due to crime, terrorism, and targeting of LGBTI persons.”

The new directive has been welcomed by the Kenyan Tourism industry who will reap the benefits seeing as it will increase the number of tourists and consequently the revenue for the country. Additionally, it indicates that the security levels in Kenya have been improved attributed to the cooperation of all major security agencies to prevent and avert major violent attacks include terrorist attacks.

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