Terrorist Alton Nolen, Islamist to be Charged with 1st Degree Murder of Oklahoma beheading

A hospitalized Alton Nolen regained consciousness, Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said Saturday, bringing into perspective a new dimension to the Oklahoma beheadings.

30 year old hospitalized and now conscious Nolen is accused of beheading Colleen Hufford a 54 year woman working at Vaughan Foods.

Nolan is also accused of causing bodily harm to another woman, Traci Johnson who survived an attempted beheading.

Nolen is a terrorist. He conducted terror attacks because all these things he did are done by terrorists.

The Islamist Alton Nolen had recently converted to Islam and is accused of trying to convert other employees to the religion.

Nolan was fired from Vaughan Foods but returned to commit the murder in Oklahoma, the scene of a bloody terror attack by homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

Timothy McVeigh conducted a terror attack in Oklahoma city leaving several people dead and unbelievable destruction.

Alton Nolan and Timothy McVeigh are two examples of home grown terrorism. The conversion to Islam and the attempt to recruit others to radicalization is worrying.

Oklahoma Beheadings by Alton Nolen must be viewed as acts of terror inside the United States.


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