Syrian Army Conduct Successful Raid, Destroy Over 35 ISIL’s Military Vehicles in Northern Damascus

Syrian army continues to make significant gains against the Islamist ISIL terrorists in Syria.

In the last 24 hours Syrian Army troops stormed a military column of ISIL in Qalamoun mountain en-route to terrorist-bastions in Raqqa province, destroying more than 35 vehicles and killing or wounding a dozens of their crew.

Local reports indicate that the terrorist group’s convoy was reportedly making its way to the Raqqa province, when the Syrian Army laid a perfectly timed assault that destroyed over 35 vehicles carrying ISIL operatives.

A source in Damascus reported that ISIL convoy was traveling along the Busayri-Zaza road in order to reinforce the Raqqa provincial capital that is about to be attacked by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Syrian Military confirmed earlier this month that the army troops entered two key towns in Western Damascus near the border with Lebanon, ending ISIL activities in the Western parts of Qalamoun region.

Military sources further report of the army units advancing and now are at Sabna and Dareh in Western Damascus province under a peace agreement between the Syrian government and militants after the militants’ ended operation and left the Western Qalamoun region.

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