Southwest Special Forces Kill over Dozen Al-Shabaab Terrorists in Labataan Jirrow, Bay Region CT-Ops

souhwest-sfOSINT SUMMARY

Somali’s Southwest State Special Forces conducted counter-terrorism operation in Labaatan Jirrow of Bay region killing more than a dozen Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The successful CT-Op also saw several firearms being recovered, a regional administration has confirmed.

The CT-Op carried out jointly with AU peacekeepers (AMISOM) is aimed at flushing out the Al Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab terrorists from Bakool and Bay regions.

Labaatan Jiroow is a key location to the Al-Shabaab terrorists, located about 60 kilometers out of Baidoa district of Bay region.

Interim Southwest Administration Minister in charge of Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration, Hassan Hussein Mohamed praised the joint forces for the successful operation saying more will be conducted until the region is pacified of Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Among the killed terrorist in the operation was an Al-Shabaab leader responsible for zakat collection, (wealth levy) Mohamed said. The forces also recovered guns and ammunition.

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