South Sudan Crisis is Escalating: UN Report

Food Crisis Worsens in South Sudan as Civil War Is Displacing Millions

UN: March 3, 2016, Report by United Nations has said South Sudan crisis is worsening. The report has warned of catastrophic ramifications if the escalating crisis is not contained.

Apart from frequent tribal and ethnic wars, humanitarian crisis in South Sudan has hit notch higher and continues to worsen as warring sides continue to slacken in implementing a peace deal, the UN Chief said on Wednesday 2nd March 2016.

The report indicate that tens of thousands have perished from the crisis while over two million have been displaced by the civil war that now has entered its third year in row.

According to a senior UN official, death toll and displacement of citizens continues to rise even after the peace deal was reached in August 2015, “the parties are dragging their feet on its implementation”, Ladsous told reporters.

International Community is now turning the heat on South Sudan leadership with sanctions. Britain on her part is pushing for arms embargo to be imposed on the country in order to put a stop to the flow of weapons.

Sudan attained independence in 2011 and in 2013, South Sudan erupted into civil war setting a cycle of retaliatory killings and splitting the poverty –stricken landlocked nation along tribal lines.

UN has warned of the escalating violence in South Sudan saying it poses huge regional security threat.

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