Russia To Consider Selling Arms To Somalia and Libya Once Situation Improves

weapons russiaMILITARY ACQUISITIONS, May 12, 2016

Russia announced it is ready to supply arms equipment to Somalia and Libya if the security situation of these countries improves.

According to Valery Varlamov, the head of Rosoboron export’s security department, even South Sudan may also get supplies from Russian once peace and stability returns.

Speaking on Wednesday, the official noted that though the countries maybe having sanctions imposed on them by UN Security Council, they still have military-technical cooperation with them.

In the event of an improved situantin in any of these countries, Russia is ready to satisfy their interests, Varlamov told reporters at the Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX) currently being held in Jordan’s capital of Amman.

Somalia is facing arms embargo introduced by UN Security Council in January 1992 following an outbreak of the ongoing civil war.

The horn of Africa nation is currently struggling with Al Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab terrorist group controlling parts of southern Somalia.

The country is also facing threat from piracy off its coast making international shipments almost impossible since 2005.

Libya on the other hand is facing Islamic State (IS) militancy with more than 6,000 fighters located mainly in the coastal region between the capital, Tripoli, and Benghazi.

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