KDF Warplanes Strikes and Destroyed An Al-Shabaab Camp in Gedo, Southern Somalia

KDF warplanes Bomb an Al-Shabaab camp in Gedo, southern SomaliaMILITARY BRIEF

March 5, 2016, Military reports from Somalia have confirmed that KDF warplanes pounded on an Al-Shabaab militant’s camp in Gedo region.

KDF which is battling the Al Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia under AMISOM umbrella bombed positions controlled by the outlawed jihadist group.

Corresponding reports from residents confirmed to that KDF warplanes targeted a logistical Al-Shabaab camp in Sidimo village situated some 50 kilometers west of Bardheere town in Gedo region.

The Kenyan warplanes fired five missiles on the militant’s outpost/ base. Initial BDA report indicate the airstrikes destroyed the camp and several militants did not survive the missile fire.

KDF regularly carries out aerial bombardments in the regions of southern Somalia border regions.

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Baba otongoro that is a very deadly light attack chopper that even the US army utilises

Josphat Eri says:

They Really asked forit getit

How many Kenyan soldiers were killed at al adde

KG has not said ,BBC has high figures. Our forces suffered set back and are hitting back. Proud of them. May be there was some laxity.

What Kenyans don’t understand is when you go to such a war…you must be ready for big losses…and its not like I don’t feel anything to the families of the fallen soldiers but we should be grateful that we haven’t suffered as much loss as The Ugandan and Burudian Forces over the years

Dan Mutisya says:

Hio haitoshi drone ifanye job

Kurdi Tonui says:

The best our brothers

I don’t want only to hear Alshabaab attacked,but also to be involved lively towards them

hawajai maliza ku destroy… wah!

Ulikuwa unataka watumie bodaboda za keroka. Jinga

Hata Kabogo has better.

eti boda za keroga? wacheni mchezo

Simon Mburu says:

baba otongolo u ain’t seen one in action… don’t underestimate it… even a wasp is small but it’s sting is lethal

Simon Mburu says:

baba otongolo u ain’t seen one in action… don’t underestimate it…

Are this the kind of choppers that strike??????

“War Planes” get the difference that’s just a picture

I Believe This terrorists lives in underground tunnels too.

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