China “strike-first” strategy against terrorism ordered by President

China will deploy a “strike-first” strategy against terrorism president Xi has vowed after a terror attack on a train station in Western China left dozens injured.

Terrorism in the Western border area with the Asian region largely occupied by hardcore Islamists exposes China to Islamic extremism, intelligence source report.

China witnessed violence in form of protests in 2009 after the Muslim Uighur people who call Xinjiang home claimed to have faced repression by government agencies who crackdown on their religion.

The Chinese president warned terrorists that the government strategy would be very decisive and final.

The resolution here is to completely stop any threat to China’s national security by eliminating any element of secessionist moves and terrorism.

President Xi Jinping vowed to deploy a “strike-first” strategy against terrorism in Xinjiang in a bid to deter enemies and inspire people.

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