At Least 200 People Killed By US Mass-Casualty Drone Strikes In Yemen And Somalia

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Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook on Tuesday March 22nd announced that they US military using drones had bombed an al Qaeda camp that housed at least 70 terrorists belonging to the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).


The United States has announced that it bombed an Al Qaeda base in Yemen that is said to have housed at least 70 terrorists in its ongoing mass-casualty drone strikes. Pentagon’s spokesman Peter Cook said that, “We continue to assess the results of the operation, but our initial assessment is that dozens of AQAP fighters have been removed from the battlefield”.

Preliminary evaluation by the Yemeni medics and officials said that the drone strike killed at least 50 people and injured dozens others. Witnesses said that the attack struck the terrorists as they were queuing for dinner in a location that the Pentagon hasn’t revealed.

In the month of March the US has launched mass-casualty drone strikes with a cumulative death toll of at least 200 terrorists in Yemen and Somalia. On March 5, the Pentagon killed an estimated 150 people, targeting an al-Shabaab training camp in Somalia.

The removal of the al Qaeda elements in both countries is very fundamental in degrading their abilities to advance their objectives in either Somalia or Yemen including recruiting new members, establishing bases and planning attacks on US and allied troops operating within.

The mass-casualty drone strikes is proving very crucial in decimating, demoralizing, physically and psychologically derailing the objectives of the terrorist groups both in the home-base countries and their neighbours.

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