American Real-Politicks Sees It Fighting Alongside Al Qaeda Central and ISIL to Counter Houthi Advances.

The American government has joined a coalition of Sunni regimes that are fighting against Houthi militants in Yemen. America, together with Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait are fighting alongside ISIL and AQC (Al Qaeda Central) terrorists to counter Houthi military advances; as part of a Sunni coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The central leadership of the al Qaeda terror group currently resides in Yemen.

American involvement in the Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflicts further emboldens Islamic radicalism besides exposing the US to terror attacks. The present US regime has shown a proclivity for supporting Sunni political powers much to the detriment of the Middle East as such support has emboldened Shiite grievances against the US.

The current US administration has allowed Saudi Arabia to greatly influence its Middle East policies as well as foster sectarian division among Muslims. The Saudis alongside Qataris have sponsored a variety of Sunni Islamist terror groups around the world as well as provided covert resources to Sunni jihadists presently fighting the Iraqi and Syrian governments.

Iran is now embroiled in a legitimate war in Iraq as the Shiite nation seeks to avert ISIL infiltration of the Iranian mainland as well as lessen ISIL persecution of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria. It is imperative that US and Western nations support Iran in its war against Sunni Islamist terror.

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