Al-Shabaab Terrorists Try to Distribute Food to Win Support from Somali People

The Al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists group Al-Shabaab is trying to improve its reputation by delivering food to parts of Somalia that are suffering from drought.
Al-Shabaab has resulted to blocking food aid and killing some humanitarian workers ferrying food supplies to these areas and in turn are taking over these services but only with an intention of winning minds and support of Somalia people.

Al-Shabaab has claimed to have distributed food in the six central and southern regions of Bay, Bakol, Mudug, Hiraan, Lower Shabelle and Galguduug.
On April 3, 2017, Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Shabaab terrorists kidnapped four aid workers in southern Somalia working for World Health Organisation (WHO).

The abduction took place after gunmen believed to be Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a car that the WHO workers were travelling in near Luuq town in Gedo region.

Several attacks on aid workers perpetrated by Al-Shabaab terrorists have happened in central and southern Somalia. The intention of these kidnappings is asking for ransom and stealing of aid supplies (Food, water and medicine).

The terrorist group in turn is reportedly distributing the stolen aid supplies to the areas under its control in a bid to win public support from the starving locals.

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