Al-Shabaab Headed For Downfall; Measures Put Up By Kenyan Government

teenage soldiers in training; they could benefit from amnesty by Kenya President to re-enter the society

Al-Shabaab’s main objective when they attack Kenya is to create disunity, create a rift between the leaders, create panic in the country and in the same breathe create hopelessness among the youth that leads to easier radicalization and recruitment into the group.

In the wake of the Garissa University Attack by the Al-Shabaab, the government and other leaders has been exploring all possible ways to deal with the menace once and for all. Some of the measures incorporated include;

  • Presidential 10-day amnesty to Kenyans radicalized into the Al-Shabaab
  • Erection of a security wall to separate Kenya and Somalia
  • Dadaab Refugee Camp Closure
  • Asset freeze suspected Al-Shabaab sympathizers and financiers
  • Closure of Hawalas that are used to transfer money to the Al-Shabaab
  • North Eastern Leaders promising a comprehensive list of Al-Shabaab Sympathizers and members in their society a months’ time among others.

While the Government of Kenya is using all avenues possible and all means possible to secure the country, a fraction of the political leaders have been seen to be unsatisfied and have resulted to pointing fingers, shifting blame and widening the rift.

The war against Al-Shabaab can only be won if unity prevails; crippling the agenda to divide and conquer that is being employed by the militia.

Vocal criticism is mainly on the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 10-day amnesty and the list by the North Eastern leaders. Leaders have termed the amnesty as negotiating with the terrorists which can be dubbed as failure to see the big picture all together.

Some of the Kenyan youth joined the militia with the hope to make a difference and as an avenue of hope but in the recent times they have failed to see that and would wish to get out but cannot while others were forced to join. The amnesty will provide a way out and slow absorption into the society as they will be monitored.

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Whereas the Kenyan government having the list of the Al-Shabaab sympathizers and financiers earlier than 30 days is very good, it should be duly noted that a hurried process could crucify the innocent and omit the guilty due to inadequate investigation and verification time. It is therefore only right to allow the quoted time to get a comprehensive report.

The security of Kenya is the collective responsibility of every citizen and while the government is tasked with the overall security, the Kenyan leaders should quit politicizing security in order to kill the Al-Shabaab’s agenda and win the war on terror.

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