A Man From New York Faces Up to 20 Years In Prison For Trying To Enter Syria To Join ISIS

A US citizen was detained at a New York airport on charges that he was leaving for Syria to join ISIS. Parveg Ahmed, 22 of Queens, New York has been charged with the attempted material support of Islamic State, a terrorist organization. He is alleged to have travelled to Saudi Arabia for the Ramadan celebrations but was arrested as he tried to cross into Syria.

Ahmed was flown back to New York late Monday, where he was detained by members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. He has been on the terror watch list and had been interrogated previously for posting terror-sympathetic messages on his social media accounts. He is among numerous Western nations’ nationals that travel to the Middle East under pretences to join the Islamic State.

If convicted Ahmed faces 20 years in prison according to federal prosecutors for trying to take up arms with a violent terror group that has killed thousands of innocent people across the globe.

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