3 Arrested And Facing Charges For An Attempted Attack On New York City’s Times Square And Subway System 

A Jihadist plot in New York City has been foiled with the help of undercover intelligence officers leading to the arrest of three individuals in the US, Pakistan and the Philippines. The three were making a plan to conduct the attack in the NYC Times Square and the subway system with one of the arrested fellows claiming that they wanted a repeat of the 9/11 in the name of the Islamic State.

The three were communicating with each other using chat apps and were honey-trapped by an FBI agent undercover last year. The three are Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 19, a Canadian citizen detained in New York; Talha Haroon, also 19, a US citizen based in Pakistan and Russell Salic, 37, from the Philippines who was the principal financier.

The details of the foiled attack were released last week as the suspects await trial and sentencing with the two due to extradition to the US to face the charges brought against them.

Terrorists in the past few years have planned series of would-be deadly attacks in the United States but the agile intelligence network intensified in the past 15 years has aided in the foiling of most. The arrested trio has been termed as remorseless terrorists who are willing to cause deaths of innocents to advance a deluded agenda.

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