12 Somali Nationals Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Piracy

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On Thursday 11th August 2016, twelve Somali nationals were to five years in a Mauritius prison over piracy.

The men were arrested after reportedly attacking a container ship in the Indian Ocean. Reports indicate that the accused fired on the MSC

Twelve Somalis sentenced to five years for piracy Jasmine, a Panamanian-flagged container ship in 2013 and were captured by the naval anti-piracy forces where they were transferred to Mauritius where they were charged.

They were found guilty on July 14. The Judge on Thursday said the accused have already served three years in prison and it will be taken off their jail time.

Foreign navies have severally captured pirates as well as smuggled weapons some destined to the war-torn Somalia.

Over hundreds of pirates captured have been handed to the regional nations including Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius and Seychelles to face charges.

Anti-piracy patrols by international navies and armed guards aboard commercial vessels sail much faster and further away from the Somali coast have largely curbed incidents of piracy.

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