Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi; Somalia Intelligence Lied About Capture of Al-Shabaab Intelligence Chief

somaliaZakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi was not captured nor did he surrender to the Somali government forces as reported by Mogadishu officials.

“Somalia government forces have been unable to operate on their own and when they ask the Kenyan’s for support, Nairobi has refused flatly. Mogadishu knows if it continues to fret with Nairobi and Ethiopia, it will be destroyed again, as such, their foreign advisers opted compromising one of the most reliable intelligence sources for the Ethiopians and Kenyans.”

Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi quit Al-Shabaab an year ago and was replaced by Abu-Ubeidah the current leader of Al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab also denied Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi was its intelligence and finance chief.

By compromising the agent and denying the AMISOM troops in Juba and Gedo such intelligence Mogadishu hopes the arm twisting strategy will yield results.

Kenya is not only worried about the state in Somalia but has blacklisted dozens senior Somali officials including Embassy staffers as directly or indirectly involved with Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Nairobi also finds Mogadishu as hostile after it took Kenya to the international court over an oil exploration block dispute which geopolitically will have ramifications on the future of the two countries.

Kenya also views Somalia as lacking good will and capacity to remain independent due to increased foreign influence on its socioeconomic and military blueprint.

Kenya has severally arrested Somali embassy officials in Kenya over terror links.

U.S. State Department in 2012 offered $3million for the capture or information that would lead to the capture of Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi.


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