Yumbis Attack Report; Kenya Preempted Threat Posed by Al-Shabaab Terrorists

Yumbis Attack Event Summary: On Thursday 21st of May 2015, 1800-hrs EAT, approximately 40 militia men from Somali based Islamist group Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen entered a Kenyan Village known as Yumbis in Fafi area of Garissa County.

There are no reports of terrorist killing civilians or destroying the villages.

Kenya Police Service report they repulsed the attackers who retreated.

OSINT Summary; Elements of the terror group Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen made incursion at the village of Yumbis approximately 80 kilometers from Garissa town.

The terrorists conducted searches for non-locals and government officials but found non. They also made radical Islam sermons to the Muslim faithfuls of the area.

Intelligence reports show the group is heavily armed but lacks vital supplies particularly, money, food and water.

Intelligence services reported the militia took time in the village which has no police presence. Intelligence reports show the militia men had encountered Administration Police Officers who then called in reinforcements.

The incursion by the terrorists was repulsed by the Kenya Police Service’s Administration Police Units. Kenya Police Service through the Inspector General of police verified Twitter account reported they had successfully repulsed the incursion.


Strategic Intelligence warned Al-Shabaab was sending home fighters for fear it could not pay let alone sustain them in their hideouts in Somalia.

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Intelligence services warn that the army has cut-off 6 Al-Shabaab groups from their parent militia in Somalia.

The 6 groups are under the command of Muhamed Kuno Gamadheere who is on Kenya’s Most wanted criminal list.

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The groups are hungry and desperate. In Yumbis they asked for food and water an act indicative of a desperate situation.NSIS_Flag

These groups are suspected to be planning to conduct kidnaps and robberies in prone areas along the NEP Region of Kenya and the East Coast (Lamu areas of Kenya).

The Intelligence services warn against non-essential travel to the NEP areas. Diplomats, tourists, government officials, NGO workers, and civilians must refrain from non-essential travel to the areas in the next 2-3 weeks.




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Come on something is terribly wrong somewhere, do we really have a government in place? Kenyans we are wondering and asking ourselves if one day we will wake up to be in Somebody else country, if at all gangs can hoist a flag in a sovereign nation. What is the work of Kenya Defence Forces in Kenya.