Why Kenya Is Economic Powerhouse And Best Investment Hub In Africa

Kenya is the best place to invest in Africa. This is the message from the leader of the East African Economic power hub Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr. Kenyatta gave to the Milken Institute Conference that was aimed at attracting investors especially from America and the west into investing in Kenya and Africa at large.

In the recent years Africa is relentlessly trying to break the border barriers in her pursuit of better trade relations and unifying the continent. The continent is characterized by diversity in terms of culture, resources as well as leadership.

Research has shown that the number of people in Kenya that has access to internet either on their phone or computers has risen immensely since last year. This evidences the rise of tech savvies in the country. Technology companies have increasing opened branches in the country as larger market is emerging of technological-thirsty Kenyans.

Investors mainly from the East are tapping into the young ICT industry in Kenya; Mr. Kenyatta encouraged investors from America to tap into. Steps were being taken to make Kenya a number one choice investment destination.

Kenya is proving and claiming a position as top 10 strongest economies in Africa with the major infrastructure projects it is investing in. These projects will act as investors’ magnet among them the expansion of the Mombasa port and construction of Lamu port which will improve the speed of clearing of goods at the port.

The standard gauge railway which connects the East African region will guarantee investors in the Kenyan market access to the entire region. Additional Airports and expansion of existing ones will ease travel from one destination to another blissful.

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Investors investing in Kenya will be assured of enough skilled and technical manpower from the young and energetic generation graduating from colleges every year. This is expected to ease the pressure, expenses and burden of importing labor incurred by foreign investors.

In pursuit of achieving her millennium goals Kenya is seeking and encouraging investors not shy off investing in the ICT, Agriculture, Financial services, Energy and Manufacturing sectors. Motivational factors like heightened security and conducive environment have been implemented and gradually improving.

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