U.S. to Deliver Another Batch of F-16s Combat Jets to Iraq Air Force

F-16s Fighter JetsOSINT SUMMARY

Iraq Air Force will receive a fresh batch of F-16 fighter jets from US by next week.

Wednesday 4th November 2015 through a statement to the press, the Head of Security and Defense Committee in Iraqi’s parliament Hakem al-Zamli confirmed the air force was expecting a fresh batch of five F-16s fighter jets after receiving four in the last delivery.

Iraq received consignment of four out of 36 F-16s jets in mid-July in line with the contracted U.S.-based weapon manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

The latest consignment to deliver five other jets comes as part of Iraqi’s 2008 ‘strategic framework agreement’ which Iraqi government signed a contract with the U.S. administration for the purchase and delivery of the combat jet fighters to boost the war on terror.

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